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Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard This book kind of tricked me, or the goodreads community tricked me (that's more correct). This book isn't really erotica and it earned bonus points from me because of that.It's full of sexual tension, that I can't deny, but there aren't that heated moments that appear in erotica.I really enjoyed it! Gabriel's Inferno is a great book.

Apollyon: The Fourth Covenant Novel

Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout 3.5 StarsFor me Apollyon was a so-so book until the last 30 pages. Just let me say, THOSE last pages were CRAZY! After feeling like the book was being such a let down after the awesomeness of that Deity was, I almost jumped like a cat!Yup, those last pages totally saved the book for me.Ok, so we have Alex who has finally become one of the Apollyons. She connected with Seth and turned into one of the "bad guys". Basically, she just wants to kill everyone who is not Seth. I really think that Elixir (the novel between Deity and Apollyon) was really necessary to the series. It helped us understand what was happening to Alex from another POV and what Aiden and the other went through since she turned bad. During Apollyon, the gang is trying to bring the "old Alex" back and to destroy Seth's plans. It sounds like a great premise, right?? Unfortunately, I felt like almost nothing happened in Apollyon. Well, at least until THE END. (Oh that ending!).In my opinion, the real Alex returns way too fast and then it's always Aiden, Alex, Seth, Aiden, Alex, Seth.... On the other hand, we get some action and a certain character, well, let's say there is a scene where one might cry or get really angry.I also wanted the connection to Seth to be more prominent? I think it should have had more influence on Alex, especially after she was "good" again. Without spoiling the book for anyone, I just want to say that the dreams Alex had left me a lil bit disappointed...And then... And then... THERE IS THAT ENDING! Ajcbsdjbflaiue, what a fantastic, mind blowing end for a book that was MEH! I felt, well not really felt, that would have sucked real bad, but I was with Alex in that moment. I finally felt a connection to the main character. Guys, that girl rocks. She went through some really bad things in those pages.I just hope that during Sentinel (I'm already tearing up thinking it will be the last book!) Alex will come back even more badass.Also in my blog Chibi Reader

Rush Me

Rush Me - Allison Parr 4.5 StarsThis is one of those reviews that I should have written a long time ago (a month actually!) but haven't had the time to . Sorry!! About the book. I want to jump from joy! After several bad" new adult" books I am proud to say I finally read one that made me remember why I like this genre, even though it is fairly new. Rush Me is a light book that I wouldn't mind take to the beach as my date if the weather cooperated for once. It did not happen. It rained for days and I had to read this lovely book on the sofa (not that I minded it at all).You have most likely guessed by now that I really enjoyed Rush Me. We have Rachael Hamilton who is going with her friend to a party in an apartment complex. She, however, has somehow managed to go into the wrong apartment, which I would probably do, too, given that there were TWO parties going on in the same building and the one she invaded was the one that was in full swing. You get the picture. But, of course, the party has a special host and an even special friend of said host. This is actually a party thrown by football players (american football, not soccer). The short version is that Rachel happens to meet Ryan Carter, the quarterback.I loved how Rachel and Ryan fought to overcome their differences, even though Rachel was a bit difficult to convince that they could have a life together. I wasn't even halfway through the book and I was already swooning over Ryan! I even felt like turning on the TV and see if there was a channel somewhere broadcasting a game. Let's say I'm obviously an ignorant about football and know nothing about seasons, rules and anything related to it so this book had a great impact on me the moment I was reading it. Ok, I still think about it sometimes. OK, I mostly think about Ryan...I'm sorry I can't write an actually full review but some details are really blurred in my head now and I don't want to say things happened when they never even appeared in a book. All I can say is that this is a beautiful book, I would give it a chance if I were you and if you ever need to ride a motorbike because you're late for an interview but you're in a skirt forget about the people around you and remember that your tights MAY pass as leggings, take your skirt off and go to the damn interview! Ah! I still remember some things! This only made me like Rachel more, YOU GO GIRL!Also on my blog Chibi Reader

The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa “I have no words to describe how I feel” where my first thoughts as soon as I finished reading The Eternity Cure. Julie Kagawa did not disappoint and delivered us a spectacular sequel. In my opinion The Eternity Cure is even better than The Immortal Rules! It was pure awesomesauce. I devoured it in one day!Allison Sekemoto is back and is even more badass than ever. She is still looking for Kanin and there are many challenges ahead of her. Some characters return and if I’m honest I believed that I wouldn’t be seeing one ever again after The Immortal Rules so big points to Julie Kagawa for making me have to read a whole paragraph again just to be sure I was reading it right.The beginning was a little slow like what happens in The Immortal Rules but it doesn’t take long for the action to start. Rabids appear, the trace she is following and her instinct take her to unexpected places, she sees people she never dreamed about meeting again and all kind of shenanigans take place. The Eternity Cure is a book full of the unexpected. Towards the end I was already a sobbing mess. Oh yeah, Julie Kagawa left me with my jaw hanging to my feet. Damn, girl! That ending! THAT ENDING! If I were Alison I would become even more of a badass and probably a cold ice hearted bitch. If I went through everything she went through there probably would be no more nice me. I would track and haunt Sarren till the end of the earth. And then BAM! Ok, not really a BAM! moment because I didn’t think a certain something had actually happened to a certain someone but now I just can’t stop thinking about how the next book will continue. Great characters, great plot, great book!*Galley Provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*Alson on my blog: Chibi Reader

Ink (The Paper Gods series - Book 1)

Ink - Amanda Sun 2.5 StarsI was looking for a book to read on Goodreads when I came upon Ink. As soon as I read the word "Japan" on the blurb I said "I MUST HAVE THIS!". Ok, some yelling may have been involved as well as some embarrassing dancing from happiness. Let's say I'm a sucker for all things japanese and one of my dreams is to go to Japan so you must know that my expectations were really high. Like above the sky high, some airplanes may or may not have been victims of my expectations. So it was with great sadness that I found myself not really liking Ink.Now, don't start throwing stuff at me, some might love this book, it just wasn't my piece of cake. We have Katie, an american girl who goes to Japan to leave with her aunt after her mother died. One of the things I didn't like about Katie was her interactions with her aunt. While her aunt always tried to make her feel welcomed in Japan and wanted her to try embracing the culture, Katie was always behaving badly with her and having fits.Towards the end of the book that ends but at the beginning I knew right away that Katie and I just weren't going to be great friends, least of all BFFs.To be honest, she really didn't have a major role in this book at all. All that mattered happened to Tomohiro. He was the victim, he was the hero and, for me, the protagonist. Katie just fell in love with him and was wherever he seemed to be. Oh, and she stalked him several times during the book! That is a big NO NO for me. Me don't like stalkers. *shivers*The fact that she influenced Tomohiro's condition (no spoilers here guys!) was actually pretty cool and it kind of saved the book a little for me. That and the ending. Yup, cliffhanger! I just love those, I really do. It makes me want to have the next book in my hands right after I finished reading the one before. Sometimes I even try to see if there are invisible pages missing. 'Cause, you know, that is what you do when a book ends in such a way that your jaw almost hits your fit.Unfortunately, even though the cliffhanger left me wanting more, I don't know if I'll read the next book in the series. I'll have to think about this one a little more to see if I care to read it.*ARC received by the published via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*Also on my blog Chibi Reader


Boundless - Cynthia Hand 3.5 StarsAaannnnnd another series comes to an end. To be honest, I didn't want to read this book. Ok, I WANTED to read this book but I just couldn't imagine Clara, Tucker and Christian's journey to end. That GIF expresses my feelings before reading Boundless and after. Even though I loved the series (it's one of my favourite in the angel category) this book didn't do it for me *prepares to run from angry fans*. For those who don't know this, there is a novella called Radiant. It happens between Hallowed (book 2) and Boundless and talks about Clara and Angela's trip to Italy. From my point of view, novellas and alike in series shouldn't have major events in them that could influence greatly the main plot and, well, the series! Why? Because there are people like me that don't enjoy to read the novellas or just prefer to stick to the main books in the series. I chose not to read Radiant because, if I'm being honest, I just didn't care about Angela's love life in Italy and her "forbidden love" with Phen. Unfortunately, something happened in Radiant that influences greatly the series and becomes the main focus on Boundless. WHY? Why would Cynthia Hand do something like that? So, I started reading Boundless and was a little confused when Clara was always talking about what happened in Italy. Even though we get to know what happened I just didn't like the fact that I was missing reading a book (something like this also happened in the Morganville Vampires series and I stopped reading the series after that book). Authors, the next GIFs explain perfectly my reaction to when this happens. Apart from that "little" thing, I actually enjoyed the book. Clara and Christian's adventures gave the book a really good pacing and I never got bored, specially when they ran away. I loved LOVED Christian in this book. I never picked Christian or Tucker in this series and I still haven't. But, Christian, you will always have my heart. That guy is an angel! (Liked my pun? ehehe). I thought the ending was a little lame but many fans will be happy. Others will be screaming in rage. Those like me will want a spin-off series of a certain character and fell in both categories to fans listed before.Also on my blog: Chibi Reader

Sentinel (Covenant)

Sentinel - Jennifer L. Armentrout The cover is so simple but somehow it's perfect for the last book. It hurts my heart to know I have to wait until December and that this is the last book. I feel like crying, I don't want it to end buaaaaa

Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Oohh my feels! I c-can't e-e-even... *starts sobbing uncontrollably*OK! Let's try again. HOLY SCHMOZY (liked that, it rhymed!) What a freaking awesome Nuclear end of series! I am completely blown away. Clockwork Princess is such a beautiful, heartbreaking and emotional book... THIS, guys, is how you close a story and leave people like me completely speechless for hours, unable to process anything like a fly that lands on your nose and make me eat lots of ice-cream due to a book-induced depression.Jem and Tessa are engaged, Will is shocked and his sister appears years after he left home. After the ending of Clockwork Prince I was just left wondering for a whole year how this would end. I could never say I which team I supported, Will or Jem, because I liked them both. However I always tended to root for Will more. He deserved to be happy and he always made me laugh. Ok, I might be a little team Will. Just a little because Jem is so nice and romantic he obviously deserves to have a happy ending with Tessa, too.So, question of the day: How can we have all our characters happy?! I had my suspicions about how the book would end and I was right. Until I reached the middle of the book and I was like The book is, as I said before, beautiful but there was just a thing that I just couldn't wrap my mind around. Will and Tessa love each other, blah blah, but their actions after a major event in the books just didn't match with their personalities.First of all, why would Jem and Tessa have sex after Jem's death? And on a place where Mortmain could enter at any time? Will and Tessa both loved Jem and I think they wouldn't have done that. It was a little out of character for them in my opinion. I read what Cassandra Clare said, about it showing how much they were grieving and that the fact that it wasn't what they would do in normal situation showed their love for Jem. Well, I didn't see that while I read that scene and am not seeing it now. At least, they would have grieved together and showed their respect for Jem, not have sex...The other thing that left me a little frustrated was that Cassandra Clare wanted all of her characters to have a happy ending and, in my opinion, the end of the epilogue just ruined the effect of, well, the epilogue. The ending was so heart wrenching and perfect in a way that the actual ending just messed it up. Yes, it opened doors to many things and made me think of what will happen in the next series "The Dark Artifices" but... Apart from that, it was the perfect ending to an amazing series.

Crash (Crash, #1)

Crash - Nicole  Williams 2.5 StarsInsta-loveee whyyyy???I had to stop several times and convince myself to continue reading Crash. Such a beautiful cover and then... *sigh*

Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn 4.5 StarsMy three most dangerous addictions are manga, K-Pop and a good contemporary book. You put one of these things in front of me you won’t see me until I want to be seen. This is what happened. J. Lynn released a contemporary book with an awesome cover and I holed up in my room for a day until I was finished with it. Whenever my parents wanted me to get out of the house and walk the dogs my immediate response was:So, Wait for You is one of those books that the story is something you might have read before or remember some book that is similar but you can’t just resist. Something happened to Avery in her hometown (not a big mystery what it is in my opinion) and she chooses to go to college far far away. There she meets some fabulous friends. Believe me, they are Fabulous with a capital F. They are amazing and hilarious. Everytime Jacob appeared I knew I was going to get a good laughing session. And his discussions with Avery and Brittany! No words for it.But yeah, I know what you are thinking about: CAM! Well, I want me some Cam right now! Seriously, Cam is my top 1 book boyfriend or is at least in my top 3. Guys, he is amazingly sweet. Damn, if I could make it happen he wouldn’t be just my book boyfriend! And I just can’t stop wondering about this: what is with Jennifer L. Armentrout (J.Lynn) and cookie scenes??!! First we have Daemon trying to woo Kat with Cookies and now we have Cam doing the same with Avery? That scene is one of my favourites in the whole book and left me wanting some random guy to approach me with a cookie. Maybe I’m just weird. Bonus points to Cam: HE BAKES!Even though Wait for You is a deep book in addition to all the ridiculous and funny dialogue we have a protagonist that did leave to my expectations! YAY! I loved her from the beginning. BTW, I want a pet turtle!My most memorable scene was without a doubt the first time Cam and Avery meet."The wall was strangely warm. The wall chuckled. (…) The wall was so not a wall."I was only starting the book and it had cracked me up already!Also on my blog: Chibi Reader

Reckless (Thoughtless, #3)

Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) - S.C. Stephens First of all I must say I simply loved Thoughtless and Effortless, the first two book in the Thoughtless series. So, when I found out the release date for Reckless I almost passed out because I couldn’t imagine waiting so long for finally having Kellan and Kiera happy. Unfortunately, I thought Reckless didn’t do any justice to the series and I was left somewhat disappointed. What can I say, I was expecting an incredible end of series.Effortless ended with Kiera deciding to go with Kellan on the D-bags tour to write her book. Everyone is happy, they are “married” as they said and everything is perfect. However, we all know that when there is a tour in books trouble is coming and whatever bubble our characters lived in will pop. Puff and everything turns into a huge mess. Yeah, that is what happens in Reckless.Many people don’t like Kiera and, well, she wasn’t the most likable protagonist I’ve read either but we can see how much she grew in the series. Guys… She even admitted it herself that she wasn’t, uhhh, let’s see what she said:"I wasn’t that weak, pathetic girl anymore."Kellan was as droolworthy as ever and the perfect book boyfriend. Everyone has a book boyfriend list, oh yeah, and well, in mine Kellan is definitely there. Denny is, too. Come on, the guy has even forgiven Kiera and Kellan for what they did! He’s almost like the perfect guy. The relationship with Anna and Griffin was ridiculous, obviously, but I absolutely loved how it ended. It was without a doubt the perfect ending because it was so them!Now, what I didn’t like… The D-bags agent and company were total bastards. I was this close to making a doll with a picture thar might resemble the Nick in my head and try to do voodoo! And Siena… Siena is a singer and, let’s say she did some stuff. Kiera didn’t want Kellan to reveal their relationship to the public and Siena and their company took advantage of the situation. And this is where I became a little frustrated and sad about our main characters. They finally decided to reveal the whole truth to the world (yay for them!), but they could have done it without ruining Siena’s career. That was a bitchy move in my opinion.As I said before, I’m happy that I got to read another book in the Thoughtless series but this book wasn’t as good as the other two. Maybe I was used to all the angst and drama and we didn’t get a lot of that on Reckless….Also on my blog: Chibi Reader
Be with Me (Wait for You, #2) - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout There's a second one??? OMG *enters in fangirl mode*

What Kills Me (What Kills Me, #1)

What Kills Me (What Kills Me, #1) - Wynne Channing 3.5 StarsAwesome book but that ending... Damn, I was expecting something else.

Comfort Food

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas 4.5 StarsWhy do I keep on reading books that I know will break my heart and most likely make me seek therapy after? Comfort food has definitely left me broken and, well, not speechless or else I wouldn't be writing this, but without a doubt mindfucked and near having some kind of attack. I thinks this in itself reflects how amazing this book is. If you like happy endings, I'm sorry, you won't get one. This is a dark dark book and there is no sugarcoating. One of my favourite things is that the author didn't write unecessary scenes. When Emily is having an inner monologue you get caught up in it and don't skim it as if it isn't important (actually, most of the book is like this since her captor doesn't talk so...). When there is a sex scene you don't enjoy it, you feel her heartbreak and her person disappearing. Comfort food is full of strong emotions and belive me when I say I read the entire book with my mouth hanging open and tears trying to escape. I think I ended every chapter saying "Shit! Fuck all of this!" every time.And that ending! God, the ending. I wasn't expecting that and I believe no one was. Kitty Thomas surprised me and that is not very easy to do.Who knew she would come back and that THAT was what he had planned? That totally messed up with my brainNow excuse me, I'm going outside, try to lift up a tree and send it flying across the street.

Hidden (Guardians of Time)

Hidden - Marianne Curley 3.5 Stars“Oh no! Another angel book!” must be what you’re thinking. Yeah, well, angels are the new hype so… another angel book it is! I actually enjoyed Hidden very much. It was short but wow, a lot of things (A LOT!) happen in around 350 pages. Action, character info, romance… This book never gets boring.What I’m really happy about is that Ebony isn’t annoying as most of the main characters in YA are now. And *drum-roll* THERE IS NO INSTA-INSTA-LOVE! Why are there two “instas”? I can’t really say that insta-love doesn’t happen in Hidden. It happens and it doesn’t happen at the same time. It’s an angel book, guys, you guess what happens there.Ebony and Jordan’s first meeting is hilarious and cute. Ebony is stronger than most but she doesn’t know why in the beginning so she tries to hide it from others but when meeting Jordan, lets’ say that what she did would scare most people! But Jordan starts to feel attracted to her, obviously.Now, without spoiling the book, let’s talk about another character. Ebony is, as the blurb says, a stolen angel, and an angel, Thane, came to earth to retrieve her. He tells Jordan what he and Ebony are. Even though he knows Jordan’s feelings for Ebony, he asks him to help him save Ebony from the dangers that are coming and make her believe in him. The all “heaven chooses who the angels marry” is a bit lame and kind of gives away the whole plot but that is what the author wanted so… What happens in the end is a little too predictable and I think everyone knew what was going to happen. That was a little disappointing, but I liked the way it ended. What I wasn’t expecting was the little deal that Jordan made in the end.“Three hearts, two worlds, one secret”. This tag line fits the book perfectly. *ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*Also on my blog: Chibi Reader

Strange in Skin

Strange in Skin - Sara V. Zook Also on my blog Chibi ReaderAfter finishing Strange in Skin I felt a little dizzy and actually had to stop and take a break and think about everything that I had just read. This book touches so many aspects that it kind of overwhelmed me. However, it was so different from what I usually read that I just wanted to jump from joy and meet Sara V. Zook personally and thank her for writing something paranormal that didn’t remind me of other books.But why would someone write that kind of blurb?! Why?!First of all, Anna IS NOT a stalker, which is what I thought when I read the blurb. Come on, it even says “she become instantly obsessed”. Wrong! When she meets Emry she talks to him even though she is scared but she isn’t like “I MUST HAVE HIM”. He is the one who starts talking to her and then asks her to continue visiting him. After that she wants, obviously, to free him. The only moment that might be a bit over the top is when she follows his ex-wife. Even I have to admit that that was a tiny weeny crazy. But hey, at least she admits it herself!“I almost laughed out loud. I was a stalker”Anna’s family is really devoted to religion and her father is the town’s pastor. One thing that, unfortunately, annoyed me profoundly was Anna’s father power over her and her weakness. Throughout the novel we see how Anna is incapable of standing up for herself and most of the time she does just what her father says. That really made me cringe and want to say some really bad stuff sometimes because I prefer strong heroines and I am of the opinion that we should never just accept everything without fighting for what we stand for. Especially if you’re already 30 years old! Thankfully, her feelings for Emry start changing her and she grows to be and independent woman who can even snoop around the house of the scariest and craziest woman in town. Yeah, that about sums it up. Kidding, but we can see a drastic character development in this book. She even punches Buck, a policeman who thinks is the best! You go girl. But she can be a bit boring and annoying sometimes…We actually don’t see a lot of Emry because, well, he is in jail. I just know that he is a romantic and a little weird in my opinion, but that is just me. We don’t get to know a lot about his powers and the place he can go to, Evadere. We don’t even get an explanation about it in this book! That is just mean, a little clue would be nice.Some things were predictable, other were a bit over the top but it was a nice and different book. I think it might have a little too much and the ending was a bit rushed with many questions unanswered. I was actually confused about what happened in the end but Strange in Skin managed to keep me interested and deserves points for its originality!