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Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) - S.C. Stephens First of all I must say I simply loved Thoughtless and Effortless, the first two book in the Thoughtless series. So, when I found out the release date for Reckless I almost passed out because I couldn’t imagine waiting so long for finally having Kellan and Kiera happy. Unfortunately, I thought Reckless didn’t do any justice to the series and I was left somewhat disappointed. What can I say, I was expecting an incredible end of series.Effortless ended with Kiera deciding to go with Kellan on the D-bags tour to write her book. Everyone is happy, they are “married” as they said and everything is perfect. However, we all know that when there is a tour in books trouble is coming and whatever bubble our characters lived in will pop. Puff and everything turns into a huge mess. Yeah, that is what happens in Reckless.Many people don’t like Kiera and, well, she wasn’t the most likable protagonist I’ve read either but we can see how much she grew in the series. Guys… She even admitted it herself that she wasn’t, uhhh, let’s see what she said:"I wasn’t that weak, pathetic girl anymore."Kellan was as droolworthy as ever and the perfect book boyfriend. Everyone has a book boyfriend list, oh yeah, and well, in mine Kellan is definitely there. Denny is, too. Come on, the guy has even forgiven Kiera and Kellan for what they did! He’s almost like the perfect guy. The relationship with Anna and Griffin was ridiculous, obviously, but I absolutely loved how it ended. It was without a doubt the perfect ending because it was so them!Now, what I didn’t like… The D-bags agent and company were total bastards. I was this close to making a doll with a picture thar might resemble the Nick in my head and try to do voodoo! And Siena… Siena is a singer and, let’s say she did some stuff. Kiera didn’t want Kellan to reveal their relationship to the public and Siena and their company took advantage of the situation. And this is where I became a little frustrated and sad about our main characters. They finally decided to reveal the whole truth to the world (yay for them!), but they could have done it without ruining Siena’s career. That was a bitchy move in my opinion.As I said before, I’m happy that I got to read another book in the Thoughtless series but this book wasn’t as good as the other two. Maybe I was used to all the angst and drama and we didn’t get a lot of that on Reckless….Also on my blog: Chibi Reader