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Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn 4.5 StarsMy three most dangerous addictions are manga, K-Pop and a good contemporary book. You put one of these things in front of me you won’t see me until I want to be seen. This is what happened. J. Lynn released a contemporary book with an awesome cover and I holed up in my room for a day until I was finished with it. Whenever my parents wanted me to get out of the house and walk the dogs my immediate response was:So, Wait for You is one of those books that the story is something you might have read before or remember some book that is similar but you can’t just resist. Something happened to Avery in her hometown (not a big mystery what it is in my opinion) and she chooses to go to college far far away. There she meets some fabulous friends. Believe me, they are Fabulous with a capital F. They are amazing and hilarious. Everytime Jacob appeared I knew I was going to get a good laughing session. And his discussions with Avery and Brittany! No words for it.But yeah, I know what you are thinking about: CAM! Well, I want me some Cam right now! Seriously, Cam is my top 1 book boyfriend or is at least in my top 3. Guys, he is amazingly sweet. Damn, if I could make it happen he wouldn’t be just my book boyfriend! And I just can’t stop wondering about this: what is with Jennifer L. Armentrout (J.Lynn) and cookie scenes??!! First we have Daemon trying to woo Kat with Cookies and now we have Cam doing the same with Avery? That scene is one of my favourites in the whole book and left me wanting some random guy to approach me with a cookie. Maybe I’m just weird. Bonus points to Cam: HE BAKES!Even though Wait for You is a deep book in addition to all the ridiculous and funny dialogue we have a protagonist that did leave to my expectations! YAY! I loved her from the beginning. BTW, I want a pet turtle!My most memorable scene was without a doubt the first time Cam and Avery meet."The wall was strangely warm. The wall chuckled. (…) The wall was so not a wall."I was only starting the book and it had cracked me up already!Also on my blog: Chibi Reader