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Hidden - Marianne Curley 3.5 Stars“Oh no! Another angel book!” must be what you’re thinking. Yeah, well, angels are the new hype so… another angel book it is! I actually enjoyed Hidden very much. It was short but wow, a lot of things (A LOT!) happen in around 350 pages. Action, character info, romance… This book never gets boring.What I’m really happy about is that Ebony isn’t annoying as most of the main characters in YA are now. And *drum-roll* THERE IS NO INSTA-INSTA-LOVE! Why are there two “instas”? I can’t really say that insta-love doesn’t happen in Hidden. It happens and it doesn’t happen at the same time. It’s an angel book, guys, you guess what happens there.Ebony and Jordan’s first meeting is hilarious and cute. Ebony is stronger than most but she doesn’t know why in the beginning so she tries to hide it from others but when meeting Jordan, lets’ say that what she did would scare most people! But Jordan starts to feel attracted to her, obviously.Now, without spoiling the book, let’s talk about another character. Ebony is, as the blurb says, a stolen angel, and an angel, Thane, came to earth to retrieve her. He tells Jordan what he and Ebony are. Even though he knows Jordan’s feelings for Ebony, he asks him to help him save Ebony from the dangers that are coming and make her believe in him. The all “heaven chooses who the angels marry” is a bit lame and kind of gives away the whole plot but that is what the author wanted so… What happens in the end is a little too predictable and I think everyone knew what was going to happen. That was a little disappointing, but I liked the way it ended. What I wasn’t expecting was the little deal that Jordan made in the end.“Three hearts, two worlds, one secret”. This tag line fits the book perfectly. *ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*Also on my blog: Chibi Reader