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Apollyon: The Fourth Covenant Novel

Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout 3.5 StarsFor me Apollyon was a so-so book until the last 30 pages. Just let me say, THOSE last pages were CRAZY! After feeling like the book was being such a let down after the awesomeness of that Deity was, I almost jumped like a cat!Yup, those last pages totally saved the book for me.Ok, so we have Alex who has finally become one of the Apollyons. She connected with Seth and turned into one of the "bad guys". Basically, she just wants to kill everyone who is not Seth. I really think that Elixir (the novel between Deity and Apollyon) was really necessary to the series. It helped us understand what was happening to Alex from another POV and what Aiden and the other went through since she turned bad. During Apollyon, the gang is trying to bring the "old Alex" back and to destroy Seth's plans. It sounds like a great premise, right?? Unfortunately, I felt like almost nothing happened in Apollyon. Well, at least until THE END. (Oh that ending!).In my opinion, the real Alex returns way too fast and then it's always Aiden, Alex, Seth, Aiden, Alex, Seth.... On the other hand, we get some action and a certain character, well, let's say there is a scene where one might cry or get really angry.I also wanted the connection to Seth to be more prominent? I think it should have had more influence on Alex, especially after she was "good" again. Without spoiling the book for anyone, I just want to say that the dreams Alex had left me a lil bit disappointed...And then... And then... THERE IS THAT ENDING! Ajcbsdjbflaiue, what a fantastic, mind blowing end for a book that was MEH! I felt, well not really felt, that would have sucked real bad, but I was with Alex in that moment. I finally felt a connection to the main character. Guys, that girl rocks. She went through some really bad things in those pages.I just hope that during Sentinel (I'm already tearing up thinking it will be the last book!) Alex will come back even more badass.Also in my blog Chibi Reader