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Rush Me - Allison Parr 4.5 StarsThis is one of those reviews that I should have written a long time ago (a month actually!) but haven't had the time to . Sorry!! About the book. I want to jump from joy! After several bad" new adult" books I am proud to say I finally read one that made me remember why I like this genre, even though it is fairly new. Rush Me is a light book that I wouldn't mind take to the beach as my date if the weather cooperated for once. It did not happen. It rained for days and I had to read this lovely book on the sofa (not that I minded it at all).You have most likely guessed by now that I really enjoyed Rush Me. We have Rachael Hamilton who is going with her friend to a party in an apartment complex. She, however, has somehow managed to go into the wrong apartment, which I would probably do, too, given that there were TWO parties going on in the same building and the one she invaded was the one that was in full swing. You get the picture. But, of course, the party has a special host and an even special friend of said host. This is actually a party thrown by football players (american football, not soccer). The short version is that Rachel happens to meet Ryan Carter, the quarterback.I loved how Rachel and Ryan fought to overcome their differences, even though Rachel was a bit difficult to convince that they could have a life together. I wasn't even halfway through the book and I was already swooning over Ryan! I even felt like turning on the TV and see if there was a channel somewhere broadcasting a game. Let's say I'm obviously an ignorant about football and know nothing about seasons, rules and anything related to it so this book had a great impact on me the moment I was reading it. Ok, I still think about it sometimes. OK, I mostly think about Ryan...I'm sorry I can't write an actually full review but some details are really blurred in my head now and I don't want to say things happened when they never even appeared in a book. All I can say is that this is a beautiful book, I would give it a chance if I were you and if you ever need to ride a motorbike because you're late for an interview but you're in a skirt forget about the people around you and remember that your tights MAY pass as leggings, take your skirt off and go to the damn interview! Ah! I still remember some things! This only made me like Rachel more, YOU GO GIRL!Also on my blog Chibi Reader