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Comfort Food

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas 4.5 StarsWhy do I keep on reading books that I know will break my heart and most likely make me seek therapy after? Comfort food has definitely left me broken and, well, not speechless or else I wouldn't be writing this, but without a doubt mindfucked and near having some kind of attack. I thinks this in itself reflects how amazing this book is. If you like happy endings, I'm sorry, you won't get one. This is a dark dark book and there is no sugarcoating. One of my favourite things is that the author didn't write unecessary scenes. When Emily is having an inner monologue you get caught up in it and don't skim it as if it isn't important (actually, most of the book is like this since her captor doesn't talk so...). When there is a sex scene you don't enjoy it, you feel her heartbreak and her person disappearing. Comfort food is full of strong emotions and belive me when I say I read the entire book with my mouth hanging open and tears trying to escape. I think I ended every chapter saying "Shit! Fuck all of this!" every time.And that ending! God, the ending. I wasn't expecting that and I believe no one was. Kitty Thomas surprised me and that is not very easy to do.Who knew she would come back and that THAT was what he had planned? That totally messed up with my brainNow excuse me, I'm going outside, try to lift up a tree and send it flying across the street.