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Boundless - Cynthia Hand 3.5 StarsAaannnnnd another series comes to an end. To be honest, I didn't want to read this book. Ok, I WANTED to read this book but I just couldn't imagine Clara, Tucker and Christian's journey to end. That GIF expresses my feelings before reading Boundless and after. Even though I loved the series (it's one of my favourite in the angel category) this book didn't do it for me *prepares to run from angry fans*. For those who don't know this, there is a novella called Radiant. It happens between Hallowed (book 2) and Boundless and talks about Clara and Angela's trip to Italy. From my point of view, novellas and alike in series shouldn't have major events in them that could influence greatly the main plot and, well, the series! Why? Because there are people like me that don't enjoy to read the novellas or just prefer to stick to the main books in the series. I chose not to read Radiant because, if I'm being honest, I just didn't care about Angela's love life in Italy and her "forbidden love" with Phen. Unfortunately, something happened in Radiant that influences greatly the series and becomes the main focus on Boundless. WHY? Why would Cynthia Hand do something like that? So, I started reading Boundless and was a little confused when Clara was always talking about what happened in Italy. Even though we get to know what happened I just didn't like the fact that I was missing reading a book (something like this also happened in the Morganville Vampires series and I stopped reading the series after that book). Authors, the next GIFs explain perfectly my reaction to when this happens. Apart from that "little" thing, I actually enjoyed the book. Clara and Christian's adventures gave the book a really good pacing and I never got bored, specially when they ran away. I loved LOVED Christian in this book. I never picked Christian or Tucker in this series and I still haven't. But, Christian, you will always have my heart. That guy is an angel! (Liked my pun? ehehe). I thought the ending was a little lame but many fans will be happy. Others will be screaming in rage. Those like me will want a spin-off series of a certain character and fell in both categories to fans listed before.Also on my blog: Chibi Reader