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Strange in Skin - Sara V. Zook Also on my blog Chibi ReaderAfter finishing Strange in Skin I felt a little dizzy and actually had to stop and take a break and think about everything that I had just read. This book touches so many aspects that it kind of overwhelmed me. However, it was so different from what I usually read that I just wanted to jump from joy and meet Sara V. Zook personally and thank her for writing something paranormal that didn’t remind me of other books.But why would someone write that kind of blurb?! Why?!First of all, Anna IS NOT a stalker, which is what I thought when I read the blurb. Come on, it even says “she become instantly obsessed”. Wrong! When she meets Emry she talks to him even though she is scared but she isn’t like “I MUST HAVE HIM”. He is the one who starts talking to her and then asks her to continue visiting him. After that she wants, obviously, to free him. The only moment that might be a bit over the top is when she follows his ex-wife. Even I have to admit that that was a tiny weeny crazy. But hey, at least she admits it herself!“I almost laughed out loud. I was a stalker”Anna’s family is really devoted to religion and her father is the town’s pastor. One thing that, unfortunately, annoyed me profoundly was Anna’s father power over her and her weakness. Throughout the novel we see how Anna is incapable of standing up for herself and most of the time she does just what her father says. That really made me cringe and want to say some really bad stuff sometimes because I prefer strong heroines and I am of the opinion that we should never just accept everything without fighting for what we stand for. Especially if you’re already 30 years old! Thankfully, her feelings for Emry start changing her and she grows to be and independent woman who can even snoop around the house of the scariest and craziest woman in town. Yeah, that about sums it up. Kidding, but we can see a drastic character development in this book. She even punches Buck, a policeman who thinks is the best! You go girl. But she can be a bit boring and annoying sometimes…We actually don’t see a lot of Emry because, well, he is in jail. I just know that he is a romantic and a little weird in my opinion, but that is just me. We don’t get to know a lot about his powers and the place he can go to, Evadere. We don’t even get an explanation about it in this book! That is just mean, a little clue would be nice.Some things were predictable, other were a bit over the top but it was a nice and different book. I think it might have a little too much and the ending was a bit rushed with many questions unanswered. I was actually confused about what happened in the end but Strange in Skin managed to keep me interested and deserves points for its originality!