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Collide (Collide, #1) - Shelly Crane 3 STARSShelly Crane is, without a doubt, an amazing author. However, Collide wasn't what I expected, maybe because it was the author's first book and I've read her more recent works before. Collide didn't captivate me and I even thought about dropping it a couple of times.Well, this book is kind of difficult for me to review. It's plot seemed so different from what I'm used to: the world is being invaded by Lighters: "aliens" that possess human bodies when they die. The body remains the same except for its eyes and hair (they turn black) and the fact that the lighters can control other humans' minds. Then there are the Keepers, another type of "aliens" who spend their lives (eternity until they decide to "retire") keeping an eye and guiding Specials, humans who are destined to help humanity by doing something great. However, they are forced to come to Earth and possess a body (like the Lighters) to protect not only their Specials but also the other humans.The book is told by Sherry and Merrick's prespective. Sherry is a Special's sister, Danny, and Merrick is Danny's Keeper. While watching Danny, Merrick falls in love with Sherry. For a change, it isn't the heroine that has the powers! During the book, lots of characters are introduced and each one has its own personality causing for some several problems. I fell in love with Jeff right away ahahaWhile the story seemed to be so full of action and suspense, the author made the book kind of a cheesy romance. Most of the book is about Merrick and Sherry and how they tell how much they love each other and calling one another baby and honey. It's a shame because their relationship could be approached in a total different way. When Philip is introduced the book starts to have some content but only when it is known that the Taker has arrived and a new character is introduced right at the end of the book (Cain!!!) is that it finally starts to become interesting. In fact, it was this new character that made me want to read the next book.