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Opal (Lux, #3) - Jennifer L. Armentrout 5 STARS*Huge spoilers*Read at your own cautionOn my blog: Chibi ReaderWOW. Just wow! Mrs. Jennifer, you’ve just done it again! You’ve proved your awesomeness with Obsidian and Onyx but let me say, Opal is even better in my opinion. Opal starts right where onyx left off. Dawson is back but he isn’t the same so Kat, Daemon and company are trying to make him less… let’s say aggressive and uninterested. This was a fast-paced book and there wasn’t a minute I wanted to stop reading. I just had to know what was coming next and next and next. It was crazy! And Mrs. Jennifer leaves us with that awful cliffhanger!!! What is that ending?? This is pure torture to the readers. For those you have read Deity you know what I’m talking about. Jennifer L.Armentrout just loves to make readers want more and more! Cliffhangers are definitely her speciality. Just holly baby Daemons! But I’ll talk about it later on (suffer my fellow readers just as I’ve suffered ahahah)As I’ve said before, this sure was a fast paced book and OPAL has lots of surprises. First, the relationship between Kat and Dee isn’t the same anymore. It’s understandable what Dee is feeling. She shouldn’t, however, blame Kat the whole book for Adam’s death. Kat, although always filled with guilt, has proven to be a strong character and she doesn’t succumb to it. She could be a little annoying when she put an idea in her head and didn’t want to give it up, but she always got through and has proven her status as a “new baby hybrid”. But what shocked me most was the return of Blake and Will. Oh yeah, they are back! I won’t spoil much here, but let’s say that the turn of events are spetacular, and even though you might be counting on it from the beginning, it will surprise you when it happens.But then something happens and I am like WTF? KATY, you have super, awesome, alien powers! You have a gun pointed at you! You don’t wait and let him fire it at you! You don’t wait until the last moment to move it! YOU TAKE THE GUN THE MOMENT YOU SEE IT!Ok, I’m felling a little calmer now. But now let’s talk about what’s really important here, Daemon. Ok, I’m kidding but we all know Opal wouldn’t be Opal without Daemon. And lot’s of Daemon we get in Opal. He was funny, he was romantic (YES, Daemon was romantic), he was sexy, as always, but most important, he acted mostly according his fellings, be it about Kat or Dawson. There are some sexy times in this book and weren’t they interrupted lot’s of times. I couldn’t stop laughing whenever there was a knock on the door or a voice calling for them.BUT THEN! BUT THEN! HOW COULD YOU JENNIFER! How could you let Kat be caught by Daedalus and let Daemon leave screaming for her! How could you! (but I loved every bit of it, I just can’t hide it)In the end, there are some things left unexplained. For example, how did Carissa turn into a hybrid? Did Blake have a deal with Daedalus? Or was he still working for him after all?I NEED ANSWERS! And now I have to wait till July.