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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan On my blog: Chibi ReaderDeep breath... Ok...When I read the blurb for "Undeniable" I immediately knew this book was going to be totally different from what I'm used to and that there were going to be some very controversial themes in it. The readers are warned right from the first page of the book:"His name was Deuce.He was my “why”.And this is our story.It is not a pretty one. Some parts of it are downright ugly.But it’s ours."I was thought I was totally prepared for whatever was on those pages but I just couldn't get myself to enjoy the book and most of the parts I found just downright revolting.Now... I understand that the reality that Madeline Sheehan shows us is completely different from mine and I'm trying my best not to judge this book based on comparisons between both but the characters actions, thoughts and behaviours are just... GOD, I don't even have words for it. The entire book I was constantly repeating in my mind (and sometimes yelling) "This is sick!".I intended on writing this review without spoilers, but that is impossible as I feel the need to justify why I'm only rating this book with only 1 Star. So, if you haven't read the book yet and don't want me to spoil it for I recommends you to stop here.*SPOILER TIME*1. The age difference didn't actually bother me. I'm one of those who think the age doesn't matter BUT I didn't feel comfortable with a relationship where the girl was just 16 and he was 34. It just made me feel really uncomfortable. When Eva was older it was ok for me but that time was a little too much for me.2. Why do books nowadays always make the male character say things like you're mine, or in this case, why is Deuce always yelling ate Eva, saying "You're fuckin' mine" whenever things don't go according to what he wants. What?? Just what?? Eva is an object now? F$%%@kdfjdksnfjak 3. Then this happens: "He’d set the alarm for this reason. She didn’t know the code, so if she tried to open the door or even a fucking window, he’d know.". Kidnap anyone? Now we are in the present of a man who wants to imprison a woman. Wow...4. Then, more to the end of the book, we find out that Eva is pregnant (not going to tell who the father is muahahah) and she is staying with Deuce. YES, AFTER EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE SHE STILL WANTS HIM! So, she is staying with him, as in, living with him and his children who are actually the only sane characters in the book, but she has to stay in bed because of some problem with the baby. What does Deuce do? He stops sleeping at home to have sex with the whores at the club. Quote: "He hadn’t been home in four days and he was itching to touch her. He couldn’t fuck her, something about the baby, but he’d been solving that problem, usually with Miranda..."EVA, you should have given him the finger when you should. YES, because SHE KNOWS what he is doing. Well, Eva is always admitting how fucked up she is so I'm not even going there...And one of the worse things: how can someone marry a guy who rapes her, who is a psycho obsessed with her, and always defend him. WORSE, that boy is your brother, even though not by blood.I just can't wrap my mind around this book.The problem is that there are more situations like these throughout the book, and there are more characters that I should talk about in here, but then this review would be the size of the actual book.All in all, I found this book repulsive at least which was something I wasn't expecting since so many people liked it from what I read on reviews.