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House Rules  - Chloe Neill Also on my blog: Chibi ReaderMerit and Ethan are back! And trouble is obviously in their wake. I can't begin to tell how much I've been waiting for House Rules to be released. Chicagoland has always managed to crack me up and it is one of my favourite series! It amazes me how Chicagoland Vampires doesn't get boring even after 7 books, this series still lives!Now, House Rules picks up right where Biting Cold left. Ethan is no longer Liege but everyone sees him as such and he decided to pull Cadogan House out of the Greenwich Presidium's authority. But things are never easy for these vampires so, on top of that, vampires are being murdered.The politics maneuvers and conspiracies couldn't have been left out or this wouldn't be a Chicagoland Vampires. For those who have read the other books in the series know this, but I just have to say it, the GP is a bitch! Damn, if I was Ethan I would have kicked some asses, that's for sure. And then there is the reappearance of a certain lady vampire, Lacey. Yeah, Ethan's ex is back and in full swing. Whenever she showed up in the book I was like "Noooo, not again! Go back to your house, damn it". Like an idiot Ethan obviously couldn't see that she wanted him back. Men! But to make things worse, there is the little detail that Merit is joining officially the Red Guard. She wants to tell Ethan but is afraid of what he will do. Ok, this is one thing I don't understand: the RG is supposed to make sure the Houses' leaders and the GP don't abuse of their power too much (which is always happening, btw) and, for that, the members of the RG have to spy on their Houses or the authorities of wherever they are. Why would Ethan be against it? He is always against the power of the GP but doesn't support the RG just because they are spying on him? That's BS in my book.In another topic, Jordan and Ethan's little dispute made me swoon. Merit is one lucky girl!House Rules wasn't my favourite book in the series but it definitely fixed my addition for now! It was a fast paced book that will make you sigh, laugh, scream in rage and try looking for your Ethan or Jordan.Now I can only wait anxiously for Biting bad...