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Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy)

Sins & Needles - Karina Halle Also on my blog: Chibi ReaderSins & Needles is a dark, dark book. Con-artists, mafia, drug lords… Dear Lord! This book has everything is it! Ellie is a con-artist who is on the run. Let me tell you, this girl is ALWAYS on running away from something. I wouldn’t want to have her life even if someone offered me 1M$ in exchange. Damn it, girl! Not even for Camden!*runs away from fangirls*About Ellie as a character… Well, she is something else. If you want a book where the protagonist is nice and honest, sorry but Sins & Needles isn’t for you. She will take advantage of everyone if she can. She is not perfect and has scars. I think many won’t like her in the beginning. Even I didn’t know what to think of her when I started reading Sins & Needles. But that is what made this book all that different. She isn’t a protagonist we are used to read about and I liked it!However, we only see how much of an opportunist she really is after she started planning the scam whose victim was Camdem. Well let’s say my first reaction wasn’t the most coherent and polite one…As I went through the book, however, I started to like her a bit. Not my favourite person in the world but she grows on you. And she knew some stuff!“Funny how a nice ass, firm pecs, and a great smile could thwart a woman’s best plans”Now, Camden is the real surprise here! Throughout the book, Karina Halle wrote some flashbacks from Ellie’s past and we get to know her history with Camden. Some parts were sweet but the majority didn’t end that well and this reflects on main plot of Sins & Needles.I loved that Camden saw through Ellie’s plan to scam him but, because he wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, he let her almost end her plan. Ellie didn’t disappoint, of course. She had to take his money and he caught her. That part was mind-blowing! It was intense and heart wrenching. We learn some things about Camden and Ellie is forced to help him out of some stuff.The only thing that made me sad is that I didn’t fall in love with any of the characters. I liked them and enjoyed reading about them but some events weren’t that memorable for me. That and I didn’t want Ellie and Camden relationship to grow to be something more. I sort of enjoyed their arguments.Sins & Needles is full of action, emotional moments, throwing something out of the window events and if you want to read something with a MAJOR cliffhanger Sins & Needles is definitely the book for you.PS: I don’t know yet the full story of Ellie and Javier (Ellie’s ex) but for now I’m kind of team Javier.*runs away again* But why would he cheat on her? And what did really happen? For that, screw you Javier. So many questions I hope will be answered on On Every Street....