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Providence - Jamie McGuire *This review is full of spoilers. If you don't want them, don't read it*On my blog: Chibi Reader3.5 starsI've read Jamie McGuire's "Beautiful Disaster" and, although it was a somewhat controversial book among the reader's community, I thought it was a good reading. So, when I started reading providence knowing it was a paranormal book instead of contemporary chick-lit I was a bit nervous about what I was going to find but at the same time I had high expectations about it. Unfortunately, this book wasn't even close to what I was waiting. It wasn't a total disappointment but it wasn't that much of a memorable book.Providence is about Nina, a college freshman whose father dies and her life goes from being a peaceful and uneventful one to one full of dangers, surprises and supernatural beings, angels and demons. Jared is a guardian angel, or rather a half guardian angel (we could call them nephilim but they are rarely described as such during the book), and Nina is his Taleh, his charge. Nina never knew of his existence until the day of her father's funeral but Jared has always been in love with her. Basically what he did was save her from all her father's enemies (humans and supernatural ones) and literally take bullets for her. Of course, to complete the plot you have to have a love triangle so let me introduce you to Ryan, a normal college guy, who is super fun and nice. In my opinion, a normal girl would pick the nice and normal boy, but Nina isn't a normal girl, she is a normal heroine, so she choses the mysterious, stalker, creepy guy who just seems to follow her everywhere.First of all, I couldn't stop from comparing some scenes to a certain book we all know about *cough* Twilight *cough*. Now, I know Jared IS her guardian angel but when he is there to save her from the bad guys ALL THE TIME I just saw Edward all over the place. Then there is the whole cliché of him deciding that being apart from Nina is the best thing for her, that she is safer that way. Let's see this from this point of view: she is already in danger from the beginning of the book! Yes, him dating her put her in even more danger BUT he loved her from the start, she ALREADY fell in love with him so the damage was already done. He just doesn't walk away and it's all good! Thank god the similarities between the books and the characters end here.Apart from the "stalkerish" part, I just couldn't understand one thing the whole book. Jared is supposed to be Nina's guardian angel but he is being paid to do so. WHAT? Are we supposed to pay for our guardian angels??? Damn, I didn't know that. I hope my parents have taken care of that part. Yeahhh right...The only decent character was Claire, Jared's sister. She was a bad-ass 14 year old let me tell you. She should have a whole book dedicated to her! All in all, this is what I call a decent book. It was a good read, I enjoyed it but I didn't love it.