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The Devil's Metal

The Devil's Metal - Karina Halle SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK N' ROLL This is all what the book is about!Adding the supernatural factors you get a DELICIOUS, FABULOUS, WANT-TO-SLEEP-BUT-CAN'T-UNTIL-FINISH book!Let me start by saying that after reading "The Devil's Metal" I'm most definitely going to read Karina Halle's other series EIT. This is just how awesome this book is.So, when I first started this book I was expecting something totally different. As the story progressed I was obviously trying to formulate in my little head what the hell was going to happen in the next chapter. Let me tell you, I was almost never right! And that is what makes this book so good. This is a page-turner. The plot never gets boring: Dawn wants to be a professional music journalist and gets the chance to go on tour with her favourite band, Hybrid, in order to write an article about them. However, there is a turn of events when strange and really creepy things start to happen who else was really scared when Dawn wakes up in the middle of the night and starts hearing things in the bed below and suddendly there's the sound of something really heavy falling on the ground and then being dragged??. Of course there is romance in the middle and really mysterious guys.In fact, I was not expecting that ending Sage does not end up (officialy) with Dawn.. There were, however, hints pointing to something that was, let's say, a little obvious by the last part of the book, but that is definitely going to make (I HOPE) a second fabulous book!