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The Devil's Tattoo - Nicole R. Taylor Review for blog tour on October 30th.


Croak (Croak, #1) - Gina Damico Reviewing this one this weekend!


Stripped - Jasinda Wilder I... I still don't know what to say about this book. Review soon.

Steel Lily: 1 (The Periodic Series)

Steel Lily - Megan Curd Also on my blog Chibi ReaderBy now I’ve read my share of dystopias. The Hunger Games were my introduction to the genre and then only few other series managed to keep me a fan of this type of books. It was with great joy that when I finished reading Steel Lily I just wanted to read book 2 to be ready by my side so I could just pick it up and start reading it, too. Believe me when I tell you that Steel Lily is like a piece of candy that you’ll love and won’t be able to stop eating. Steel Lily is about Avery, a girl who has the ability of making water turn to steam and because of that she is called an Elementalist. Basically. everyone lives in a world where WWIII has taken place and destroyed everything. Energy is not the same and they live off the steam the Elementalists make, or so is thought (no spoilers here ;) !!!!). When faced with a certain situation, Avery and her friend Alice have to move out of the Dome they in. And that’s when things begin to move forward and give way to a beautiful and not so smooth journey in Avery’s world.Avery kind of won me over right in the first character so she might have clouded my judgement of the book from the beginning (I’m obviously joking but I really liked her!). She just says whatever she wants and doesn’t back down, even when older students or even teachers at school make fun of her or try to make her do things. I just loved the first chapter because there she shows her personality right away and we learn that there is no bullshit with her. Oh, how so many girls could learn from her in real life…We meet so many interesting characters throughout the book, too! Oh guys, the love interest. Yeeshh, he is up there in my book boyfriends list, and that’s kind of a tough list to enter! Jaxon is kind of different from other boys in books. From his physical description he would probably be like a secondary character or the bestie, at least that’s what I think from other books I’ve read and that’s one of the things that make him unique. He says what he thinks, just like Avery and I just want to see what will happen to them in the future. Then there is Sari and Alice who become major characters in the plot development. I loved Sari but Alice, Avery’s best friend from the dome, annoyed me some times… I would talk about many more characters but they are for you to discover in case you choose to read the book.There were not one but several plot twists (YAY!). They don’t make your head hurt, don’t worry, they are really well introduced and only make the story even more intricate at the same time that it makes you even more entranced with it.Steel Lily is, for now, one of my favourite dystopias and for any fan out there who likes this type I can only say: read it and prepare yourself to be enchanted. *eARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review*

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer  - Michelle Hodkin 4.5 StarsSmall spoilers ahead!Also on Chibi ReaderI didn't want to read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Serious, I avoided this book at all cost and I don't even know why. Maybe it was because the cover is absolutely fucking beautiful and I just didn't want to fall let down by another book whose cover was stunning but content was, sorry for my French, shit. So when my dearest friend and co-blogger, Sofyy, was like "YOU MUST READ IT! IT'S AMAZING AND CREEPY AND IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!" I was like "Girl, you crazy??!"But then she did something so funny: she hilariously bought two physical copies of the book by mistake (and only noticed when the books arrived! Oh Sofyy, you're amazing) and was going to return it but I though 'Oh well, might as well give the book a chance' so she passed the other copy to me. Guess what, I couldn't put the damn book down! It's mind-blowing. And she was right, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is creepy, addictive, and definitely a pageturner. So imagine my face when I finished reading it. In The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer we have Mara, a girl who was in an accident in which her friends died. We don't know what happened, just that she survived. Without spoiling anything, I can only say that they move to Florida. There she goes to a new school and we are right away introduced to Noah Shaw (who everyone is speaking about on tumblr btw!), the mean girl of the school, Anna, and her right arm, Aidan. Aparently, Noah is sex on a stick and every girl has been with him so Mara tries to stay away from him in the beginning. BUT THEN, SURPRISE SURPRISE, Noah is actually a good guy and she obviously is attracted to him. Thank God! He is, as someone said to me on tumblr, British perfection! AH!This book is one of my favourites of 2013 so far but there were things that were kind of left hanging by the end and I hope they are resolved or explained in book 2. First, how come no one even though about Jamie, Mara's first friend at her new school, when he is expelled? Uh, guys, he just disappears and then there's no word from him (well, he is grounded and has no way to communicate outside his house) but not even Mara thinks about him troughout the rest of the book. Wut?? He just goes missing from the book just like that. Then, IF there was more creepy scenes and less romance I wouldn't have minded, too. Of course, I loved all the Noah we got from the book but I wanted more paranormal and creepy from this book. The only supernatural factor appears by the end because, even though I think WE ALL knew the obvious since the beginning and what was happening was not a mistery at all (what Mara is capable of is like a pie in your face. Come on, huge spoiler in the prologue).What I didn't see coming was Noah's secret. He really is a GOOD guy! Wow. And I was completely stunned by the ending. Why would Mara do that??? Why?? And then she just.... (trying not to spoil the ending guys!) ARGGHHHHFinally, why does the little dog (the name isn't coming to me right now) run away from Mara everytime she enters a room?? Does Mara's power scare animals??
Dance in Shadow and Whisper (The Marionettes of Myth, #1) - Sarah Godfrey,  Victoria DeRubeis Also on my blog Chibi ReaderFirst of all, OMG OMG OMG. This… This book, guys. Oh my! The gif above is basically me when I finished Dance in Shadow and Whisper. When I reached the end of the book I couldn’t belive it had ended. I checked I don’t know how many time the percentage of book left on my Kindle but the little bar always said 100%. What?!Anyway. Dance in Shadow and Whisper is about Kali, a demon girl (but who is a century old!) that is in charge of keeping an eye on Jason, a boy who is supposed to be Ares reincarnation. What she doesn’t like in the beginning is having to do that with a vampire, Yuuhi. In fact, even Yuuhi doesn’t like that at all but that is all understandable since demons and vampires are against each other in this book.Kali, even though she is “old” has never had a normal life. She was always protected from the outside by her dads, as she calls Lio and Rajy, the one who are taking after her since her parents are dead. When she learns that she must go to a high school and pretend to be a student it’s hilarious how she tries to mix with the other students. Obviously, she initially fails miserably, probably because her fashion sense is null. At the beginning, I must be honest, I liked her but she didn’t really capture my attention except from when she got caught up in awkward situations. She was completely naive and, even though she has immense power from being a demon, she doesn’t use it. However, this changes throughout the book and we can see a completely changed Kali by the end of the book.I absolutely loved, LOVED, her brothers, Toivo and Carmi. However, my favourite was Carmi (he is actually my favourite character in the whole book). He was hilarious but there was something about him… Hum, I just want to see more of him in the next book.About the boys in this book, cause I know you want to know about them! Yuuhi, the vampire, is one of my two favourites characters in this book. We learn how his life is and what means to be a vampire. Although he is supposed to be Kali’s partner and rival, he starts to care for her and becomes a huge friend and one who will help her a lot. I spent the entire book shipping him and Kali, actually. I just wanted them to be together.Jason… Jason, the one whose book is suposed to revolve around. He is, apparently, Ares reincarnation but no one knows that for sure at the beginnig and that’s how this whole “must-get-into-high-school” mission starts. He doesn’t know what he is but figures immediatly what Kali and Yuuhi are so its obvious he understands the whole paranormal world. I never really understood his relationship with Kali, it’s a complicated one. One moment everything is okay between them and then everything falls apart. I don’t know how to feel about him yet, but damn, I reallu really really want more POVs from him in the next book!Now, this book would probably have a higher than 4 chibis from me if two things would have happened. One is the fact that I had a hard time right when I started reading the book figuring out whose POV I was reading. There was no character name at the beginning of the character and sometimes I though Kali was narrating but later I would understand that it was actually Yuuhi or Jason or one of Kali’s brothers. Then, I would personally like if there was some kind of explaining of the whole world where the book is set. For example, I though demons and vampires were a secret to society but later learned that the whole world knew what was out there: schools had guards with silver guns, students learned in class what demons were and their story, etc. There should be probably a better world building. But there is definitely a visible progress throughout the book, we get to learn Ares story, who he is really and why it’s such a big deal if he “comes back”.Apart from that, Dance in Shadow and Whisper is a great book that will leave you laughing hysterically or crying your heart out. By the end I was bawling like a baby. Yeah… I’m not proud of that. And that ending, JUST GIVE ME BOOK 2 NOW. WHAT?? Just… you can’t leave a person hanging like that, it’s mean. Some things I was expecting but what happens to Kali?*Dance in Shadow and Whisper was provided by the authors in exchange of a honest review.*
A Different Blue - Amy Harmon 3.5 stars

Review: Find You in the Dark


Ana's Review: Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Going Under

Going Under - S. Walden 3.5 StarsGoing Under made me feel many things. This is actually a very difficult book for me to rate given that while I loved the story sometimes I just couldn't understand Brooklyn's actions. The book is beautiful in a way but very irritating! I might up the rating, I just have to think about it for a little bit more.

Sweet Peril

Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins 3.5 StarsWhy, oh why, did I not love Sweet Peril as much as I loved Sweet Evil??Anna is back and, in my opinion, she finally turned into a good heroine. She's not as annoying and says whatever is on her mind right away. (BTW, I wished I had her courage, the girl made a belly ring piercing! Sorry, long time dream...)I did in fact enjoy her trips with Kopano but I felt something was missing (not, I'm not talking about Kai). It needed more, uh, action? I don't know, I'm really conflited about this.Anyway, I think I fell in love with Blake, he is now my favourite character. I loved Kopano and Kai but Blake, well, let's just say he finally got some attention in Sweet Peril.So that's it. I fell like it needed more action and the ending left a little to be desired.

Shut Out

Shut Out - Kody Keplinger I love Kody Keplinger. I admite it, I'm obsessed with her novels! I even used The DUFF in a presentation for a group project at university. Shut Out didn't disappoint. It was funny, ok, sometimes it was downright hilarious. Others it made me want to cry or scream at Lissa. She did some really stupid things but that's what made her more real. I obviously loved Cash (yeesh!) and felt like Randy should have been thrown across the Atlantic.All in all, it was a great book!


True - Erin McCarthy Damn, I read this and forgot about it (that's how bad it was). Need to review it ASAP -.-' I can finally say I hated a book. This brought out some really strong emotions in me and they weren't good ones!

Unlovable (Port Fare, #1)

Unlovable (Port Fare, #1) - Sherry Gammon Unlovable is a hard one for me to rate. The 3 stars are still temporary. Once I have time to think about this one I'll write a short review and decide on the rating.

Gabriel's Rapture (Gabriel's Inferno, #2)

Gabriel's Rapture - Sylvain Reynard 2.5 StarsI felt like crying when I finished this book. It was a disappointment to me. Gabriel and Julia' actions are simply confusing and amazingly stupid to me, which made me really frustrated. Let's see if Gabriel's Redemption can make up for this one...