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On Demon Wings: Experiment in Terror #5

On Demon Wings - Karina Halle Review also on my blog: Chibi Reader Imagine yourself after going on a roller coaster ride. You’re dizzy, disoriented, thinking “what the…?? What the hell just happened??”. On Demon Wings does that to you. This book never gives you a moment of peace, you turn a page, and another, and another and you can’t stop! Then you realize there’s no more pages left!I must admit first that I’m a sucker for stories where the heroine is target of really bad thing and when I found out Perry was going to be possessed I was like “I need this now!!” I was a Readerzilla! Yeah, I just invented a word, so what?This book has so many surprises and it just made me want to meet Karina Halle and scream at her:That’s how good this book is! What shocked me, though, is that we only hear about Dex halfway through the book, but we always have a little eye candy (not really eye candy since we can’t see him, though… Karina, now you’re making me see you characters!) with Maximus always popping out. Be warned though, what he does in this book is going to make you want to throw your book out the window, smash your fists through the wall and scream at random people.Yeah, that’s it. If you haven’t read the Experiment in Terror series you don’t live in this world because this is just (as Perry and Dex would say) fucking amazing. Mind-blowing!