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Under The Never Sky: Under the Never Sky : Book 01

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi Also on my blog: Chibi ReaderAfter reading the Hunger Games and Divergent I finally reached the conclusion that dystopia wasn’t my favourite type of book. I liked it but didn’t love it. However, when I was searching for my next read I stumbled upon Under the Never Sky. My first though was “Dystopia? Neh!”. But then something happened. They say you should never judge a book for its cover but let’s admit, if a cover is awful people won’t pick up the book but Under the Never Sky’s cover was so beautifully made that I just couldn’t resist taking a peek.Under the Never Sky is set in a futuristic world where there are two types of people: the Dwellers and the Outsiders or Savages. The world has been affected by the Aether and some were chosen to live in protected places. Aria was born in one of those: the Reverie. The world created was just stunning. The contrast between places like Reverie and the outside is amazing. In one we have technology and safety but on the other it’s like we went back in time: there are rituals and lords of tribes, there are cannibals and you never know when there might be attacks on the tribe. Then there is the rivalry and dislike between the Dwellers and the Outsiders.The one thing, however, that made me really want to finish Under the Never Sky and immediately start reading Through the Ever Night (the second book in the series) was that Aria and Perry didn’t fall in love at first sight or started kissing the second day they met.This is something that has been happening A LOT in YA and let’s admit, how often does this happen in real life? And how can someone love another person when they don’t even each other. YA authors’ logic, pfft.Aria and Perry hated each other, they were repulsed by one another. The development from enemies to allies to friends is amazing and not fast paced at all. And their feelings never once messed up their plans and objectives. And the ending, what a way to make sure the readers will pick up the next book. Veronica Rossi must be like this:Under the Never Sky has easily reached the spot to one of my favourite series!